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Name and Shame…or Praise

31 Aug

Tonight is a family birthday dinner.  This means a bunch of us all meet up at a local venue for dinner, more often than not they are ‘child’ friendly places.

My eldest is struggling with her lungs again, we have been lucky enough to avoid asthma, but she has a virus.  I try to avoid diary with her as it creates mucus and I ban it all together when she is coughing and not breathing well.  So…I tell her this morning that she will not be able to have Ice-Cream with her dinner, she was a little bit upset by this as we don’t usually have Ice-Cream in the house and it’s a nice treat when we are out.  In short her younger sister and I said we would support her by not having Ice-Cream either.  (And they know how much their mother adores Ice-Cream!)  Together we came up with a plan…Mummy will ask if we can have fruit salad with some chocolate sauce on top.  I know that the sauce is likely to come straight from a bottle, but I was on a good run and weighed up that tonight it’s better than Ice-Cream.

Now I’m a little stressed that we may not be able to get a healthy alternative as a treat, what if the Chef says no? I don’t remember it being on the menu last time we went.  With that in mind I have decided that I will start-up a ‘Name and Shame’ category.  We eat out on average once a week and so I can hopefully get a few places around the Peninsula and Melbourne that look after our kids.  We have been to places before where we have had to order an adults meal for the kids, just so they weren’t eating deep fried frozen foods.

I will let you know tomorrow how we go.


Is it really me??

26 Aug

Husband comes home yesterday and drops it into conversation that he has been nominated as a “Young Gun” in our local business awards.  Instead of being really happy for him and showering him in all the kisses and ego boast that he could stand, I wanted to slap him…and spat out something along the lines of “It’s nice to be recognised for all the work you do isn’t it”.  What? Who have I become?

You see, when I meet my husband he was working as a mechanic for someone else, he had just been head hunted and was pretty well-respected.  As our relationship grew stronger and we started planning a serious future together, I ‘nudged’ him into buying a business.  We had all these great ideas and I was to run the business side of things, while he did all the labour.  This worked for us (well, it kind of worked – but that’s another story) for around 4 years before I surprisingly fell pregnant.  So I gave birth and started doing the book work from home.

Now over the years, it’s slowly turned into ‘his’ business.  Friends, Family, customers, the cats all call it ‘his’ business.  And right about now I want to stand on my soap box and tell the whole peninsula that it is in fact OUR business and it would not have even started if it wasn’t for me.

I know it all sounds so petty.  But, this stay at home mum/wife/dogs body is a complete mind…um…you know.

I feel I am officially that women….you know….the one that stands behind every great man.  And I always thought I would be that great woman that could do it without a man.

Snack Bar Fail

19 Aug

They didn’t work.  I think they taste ok, but the kids won’t have a bar of them 🙂 Pun intended.  I think they are pretty nice though.

I am on a mission now to make them work.  This batch was to oily from the butter, I will put in less next time and some more kid friendly seeds.

Rainy Days

15 Aug

So it’s a rainy Sunday and the man of the house is out with his buddies playing paint ball.  As girls are stuck at home as one of our kiddie car seats is sitting in the bath after getting wee scrubbed out of it yesterday :S  So what do you do….?  We got out the ‘crafting box’…a box filled with all the girls clue, sparkles, paints etc and they are making a magnificent mess and some beautiful creations.

I’m in the kitchen trying to create a tasty and healthy ‘snack bar’, otherwise know as a Muesli Bar for snack time & lunches.  I have adjusted a recipe that I pinched out of a magazine somewhere…and when I saw adjusted I mean butchered.  I have only half the ingredients needed so I have thrown in whatever I had in the pantry.  I wont be able to finish the job…because I haven’t got a substitute for the honey.

3 hours later….

Well, it tastes good, the toasted Muesli that is.  As far as making the bars…I’m still waiting on the honey.

The girls like it so far.  For lunch I sprinkled some on their yogurt.  We also decided that it would be good for the school lunch box.  I will have to make a special mix for the school as I have put Macadamia Nuts in this mix and they might not be so ‘peanut free zone’ friendly.

If it works, I will share the recipe with you tomorrow.  Who knows, I may even post a photo too.

Delivery Food

13 Aug

The easiest thing I would like to share with you is a link to my produce supplier.  They are Organic Angels and they will deliver Australian grown, seasonal produce right to your door.  You can order many things, from Organic Milk, Chocolates and Fruit and Veggie Boxes.  Check them out this month as its Juicing Month, there is a great blog to go with it called Juicing Blog

I will always order a mixed Veggie box.  This has had a great impact on our family, not just because we are eating organic food, but because it has given my children the opportunity to try new fruit and vegetables.  I’m not a great fan of winter or cook veggies, I’m more of a salad person, so I’m not the best at bringing home new veggies.  Last night my 5-year-old ate the left over bowl of steamed Silverbeet which was prepared with dinner!! I just couldn’t believe it!  She didn’t eat the lot (I don’t really blame her) as the taste was too strong, but she has put it on the top of her new favourites list.  I never would have bought Silverbeet by choice…turns out it’s always been one of hubby’s favourites too.  This morning they had fresh juice with spinach, apple, celery and orange…I’m not sure what they like best, the straw or the juice…doesn’t matter!  They got the goodies in them and that was the goal.

I find the cost is equal to what I would have spent at the supermarket, which is perfect, but I don’t even have to go to the shops and I know it’s taken care of.  It also means if I put off the shopping, I am still guaranteed to have my fresh foods in the house.  It’s been good this winter when I have been stuck at home with sick kids etc, I have not run out of fresh fruit and veges.

I should also comment too on the customer service from this company…it is outstanding!

If you would like to try this, see if any of these companies deliver to your house…


Organic Angels

Organic Food

Miss Organics

Organic Oz

Garden Organics


The Organic Grocery

Organic Food

Lettuce Deliver

Abundant Organics


Home Fresh Organics

If you have an organic business and would like to be on the list, please let me know.  There is only so long a woman can sit on Google when there is work to be done!

Cinnamon Almonds

11 Aug

I have been recently researching food that are good for helping the symptoms and prevention of Asthma.  With the winter season being long, cold and wet this year, the cold and flu season is also thriving.  I have also been focusing on the Immune System, and trying to make my children’s stronger.

Zinc is an immune-enhancer and is found in Almonds, Cinnamon is loaded with Calcium and is also an anti-inflammatory.

I tried giving the children plain almonds, but they weren’t very excited about it.  I did a google search for Cinnamon coated Almonds and made a few adjustments for make it friendlier…I then told the kids I have healthy lollies and would they like to try some.  They loooveed them and love the thought that I was allowing them to have ‘lollies’ with their lunch.

Cinnomon Almond ‘Lollies’

1 Egg White
1 tsp Cold  Water
4 Cups Whole Almonds
1/2 Cup Organic Raw Sugar
1/4 tsp Salt
1 1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon (more for extra sprinkling, to taste)

Pre-heat your oven to 120°c

Lightly grease a baking tray (large enough to lay out all the almonds)

Lightly beat the egg white until thick, add the cold water and combine.  Gently fold in the Almonds, add the Sugar, Salt and Cinnamon.

Spread evenly onto a baking tray.   They now need to be baked for 1 hour, be sure to turn them over occasionally.  Each time you do, sprinkle more Cinnamon over the top, make sure to do it again when they have just finished roasting.  The more Cinnamon for the kids, the better.

I also found this great page, it has some great information on the uses of Cinnamon and Honey

Where Did Our Logic Go?

11 Aug

Today I had a friend say she was told that you should start your baby on white bread when introducing bread to your babies diet….??  I can’t figure out how refined dried glue (Yes, I used to make glue with flour and water) somehow managed to be better for your baby than seeded, wholegrain or other kinds of breads.  My immediate reaction was to laugh….almost scoff.  (I’m embarrassed now when I think about it)  Logic suggests, to me, that white bread is going to turn to glue and clog and splutter its way through your bowels…I see seeded bread as gently scraping out your bowels whilst also given you the benefits of the nutrition seeds carry.  Diet drinks are another one, is it really better to have the drink with natural sweeteners, or the one with sweeteners made in a Lab.  There may be fewer calories in it, but it’s got to be worse for you.

Have we really become so busy that we don’t even have time to listen to our own logic?