Hello world!

11 Aug


Well, this is my attempt at blogging.  I need a space where I can archive my research, thoughts and struggles at trying to make a healthy home for my kids and trying to survive my new life as a Suburban Housewife.

One of my dear children has asthma and food additives are one of her triggers.  This has forced me to really look at what is going into her little body and what kind of boundaries I need to set to give her the best head-start that I can.  I also want to teach my children to be aware of where their food comes from, what is actually in their food and what effect it has on them and on those around us.

I thought that creating  a healthy home, and lifestyle, for her would be easy…but I was not prepared for play dates, birthday parties, other mothers, family, advertising, suburban culture and now school.  She is up against some pretty impressive looking foods and environments that are hard for little ones to resist.

I have to make no apologies for my spelling and grammar, or I would not be able to continue.  I am who I am…and a great writer is not who I am 🙂 I have avoided blogging for too long because I always thought that it was only for those with good writing (and proof reading!) skills, but I need a place to channel my thoughts.  In a way I am facing my fears with this blog, I have never been proud enough of my writing to share.  I only hope that I can make enough sense that you can understand me!

ps….wish me luck!


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