Where Did Our Logic Go?

11 Aug

Today I had a friend say she was told that you should start your baby on white bread when introducing bread to your babies diet….??  I can’t figure out how refined dried glue (Yes, I used to make glue with flour and water) somehow managed to be better for your baby than seeded, wholegrain or other kinds of breads.  My immediate reaction was to laugh….almost scoff.  (I’m embarrassed now when I think about it)  Logic suggests, to me, that white bread is going to turn to glue and clog and splutter its way through your bowels…I see seeded bread as gently scraping out your bowels whilst also given you the benefits of the nutrition seeds carry.  Diet drinks are another one, is it really better to have the drink with natural sweeteners, or the one with sweeteners made in a Lab.  There may be fewer calories in it, but it’s got to be worse for you.

Have we really become so busy that we don’t even have time to listen to our own logic?


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