Is it really me??

26 Aug

Husband comes home yesterday and drops it into conversation that he has been nominated as a “Young Gun” in our local business awards.  Instead of being really happy for him and showering him in all the kisses and ego boast that he could stand, I wanted to slap him…and spat out something along the lines of “It’s nice to be recognised for all the work you do isn’t it”.  What? Who have I become?

You see, when I meet my husband he was working as a mechanic for someone else, he had just been head hunted and was pretty well-respected.  As our relationship grew stronger and we started planning a serious future together, I ‘nudged’ him into buying a business.  We had all these great ideas and I was to run the business side of things, while he did all the labour.  This worked for us (well, it kind of worked – but that’s another story) for around 4 years before I surprisingly fell pregnant.  So I gave birth and started doing the book work from home.

Now over the years, it’s slowly turned into ‘his’ business.  Friends, Family, customers, the cats all call it ‘his’ business.  And right about now I want to stand on my soap box and tell the whole peninsula that it is in fact OUR business and it would not have even started if it wasn’t for me.

I know it all sounds so petty.  But, this stay at home mum/wife/dogs body is a complete mind…um…you know.

I feel I am officially that women….you know….the one that stands behind every great man.  And I always thought I would be that great woman that could do it without a man.


One Response to “Is it really me??”

  1. Beth September 1, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    Oh my…Did I really write that???
    I’m ashamed of myself. Talk about having a moment, and in the respect to this being a honest blog I’m going to have to leave it out there….shame.

    I should add that my Husband deserves all the praise and awards he gets. He works damn hard and honest and he really does care about his customers. I am very very proud of him.

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