Name and Shame…or Praise

31 Aug

Tonight is a family birthday dinner.  This means a bunch of us all meet up at a local venue for dinner, more often than not they are ‘child’ friendly places.

My eldest is struggling with her lungs again, we have been lucky enough to avoid asthma, but she has a virus.  I try to avoid diary with her as it creates mucus and I ban it all together when she is coughing and not breathing well.  So…I tell her this morning that she will not be able to have Ice-Cream with her dinner, she was a little bit upset by this as we don’t usually have Ice-Cream in the house and it’s a nice treat when we are out.  In short her younger sister and I said we would support her by not having Ice-Cream either.  (And they know how much their mother adores Ice-Cream!)  Together we came up with a plan…Mummy will ask if we can have fruit salad with some chocolate sauce on top.  I know that the sauce is likely to come straight from a bottle, but I was on a good run and weighed up that tonight it’s better than Ice-Cream.

Now I’m a little stressed that we may not be able to get a healthy alternative as a treat, what if the Chef says no? I don’t remember it being on the menu last time we went.  With that in mind I have decided that I will start-up a ‘Name and Shame’ category.  We eat out on average once a week and so I can hopefully get a few places around the Peninsula and Melbourne that look after our kids.  We have been to places before where we have had to order an adults meal for the kids, just so they weren’t eating deep fried frozen foods.

I will let you know tomorrow how we go.


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