The Melbourne Show

22 Sep

This is not a post about the show, but a post about how to survive the show without going into a lifetime of credit card debt!  It’s an expensive day out, but it is also a great day with the kids…so, for us, it’s worth a saving for and making an effort for.  You can do a far bit before you go to make the most out of your day.

Being prepared is key to a long and happy day out.

Tip 1 – Take Lunch, snacks and buy dinner.
You don’t have to buy takeaway at the show, but it is part of the fun.  We found we saved a fortune by taking all our snack food, lunch and buying dinner.  It also gives you a chance to scope all the food places before you buy.  Make use of the tasting stalls in the Grand Pavillion when you are feeling peckish.  Take all your food in disposable containers…this will lighten your load through out the day and make more room for showbags

Tip 2 – Take a stroller
If you are lucky enough to have a stroller, take it.  Even if your youngest hasn’t needed it for a few months.  It’s a lot of walking for little legs…and it’s great for carrying all your stuff.  If you don’t have one, take one of those shopping bags on wheels…I’m not sure what they are called – we call them Nana trolleys – you can also hire them, and they are a good thing to have to carry your food, jackets etc in.

Tip 3 – Be Weather Wise
Raincoats are a must.  With Melbourne weather you can never be sure what sort of weather you are going to get, it may be sunny when you leave home and pouring down with rain by lunch time.  Although there is a fair bit of shelter, you don’t want to get stuck in one pavilion for too long.  Beanies are good too, they keep you warm and they take up very little room when you are not wearing them.

Tip 4 – Label your Children.
If they go missing it would be nice to have them returned.  Make a bracelet with your details on such as your mobile number, but not your child’s name.  The Lost and Found centre inside the Car Park entrance has these free of charge.

Tip 6 – Make a Showbag Rule.
Remember, all showbags are advertising.  You will most likely end up with a bunch of junk you don’t need.  Allow your kids to choose 1 lolly bag and 1 toy bag, this will stop you from spending a fortune on the bags, it’s easy to get sucked in to all the bright/happy images they have all over them, so make your rules before you get there and stick to them.   This is our limit, however Oma gives the girls some money and  they are allowed to spend that how they choose, and they also can use their own pocket-money if they want too.

Tip 7 – Pre-Sale tickets.
You can save money by getting your tickets before the show.  Check out the website for where to get your tickets from and what kind of discount you can get.  This also save lining up when you get there.

In the past we have tried to plan our day, but we find this puts too much pressure on us and the kids.  We now travel at the children pace and take out time.  This make them happier and in turn we are happier.


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