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The New Mum Adjustment

7 Sep

I was inspired to write this post this morning. I was thinking about how much my life has changed since I had my kids, and how it is still changing, and how long it can seem to be before you start to get things back into balance.  I found it a real struggle at first, but wanted to send out hope to new mums (and dads) that it does get easier to fit things into your life that are all about nurturing you.  Happy Wife, Happy Life right 🙂

We live in a good suburb, but don’t have a lot of spare cash, so things like House Cleaners, Nanny etc are out of our reach.  Even going to the gym post giving birth was near impossible for me as on top of fees, there was always a charge for child-minding services, which we could not afford.

I found a good gym for me in Contours.  My husband works late and odd hours so my only option had to be before he went to work. It is based on a standard 30 minute circuit work-out, so it’s easy to know when you will be back home and you don’t have to wake up super early to get there.  I have made some great friend to chat to, and I don’t think any of them have young children, so children are not Hot Topic in the mornings.  It’s nice to have an adult conversation in the morning!

Walking is good too, but with more than one child at home, it can be limiting.  This year with one at home I have been able to walk more.  I usually do I nice big walk to the Supermarket on a Monday morning (weather permitting of course).  This also has the benefit of being able to buy something fresh for dinner.

This year I have been able to add one Yoga class a week to my routine.  Next year I may be able to do one more! I love Yoga and have looked for about 3 years to find a class with a time, price and level that suited me. Your local community centre is a great place to look, as some may have classes and a child-minding service and they are usually a whole lot cheaper that privately owned businesses.

Aromatherapy has been a great one for me too.  Over the past year I have slowly been bringing it into our home for all kinds of things, it’s not all about the smells.  It’s been great creating my own medicinal fixes for my family and it has lead into other parts of my life being healthier.  I get my supplies via Amazing Scents which give me the added bonus of a night out shopping with no kids (or kids in bed) and I’m up for any excuse to get out the cheese and crackers!

One thing we over look it the humble bath.  But lets face it, with babies and toddlers having a bath all to yourself is nearly impossible.  I have made a major effort lately to incorporate a bath into my day.  I use the time that Hubby get home to run off and hide for a while while he settles in.  I mix up and oil mix and pull out some old magazine (still wrapped in their subscription packing from when the kids were babies and I never had a change to read them!).  It may take a bit of getting use to as we are always in gear, but it doesn’t take long to train yourself to lay there for 20 mins or so.  The magazines help the brain shift gear too.

So be patient, it will slowly happen and you will find yourself working things back into your life that help clear your mind and help you to feel a bit more like you.


Is it really me??

26 Aug

Husband comes home yesterday and drops it into conversation that he has been nominated as a “Young Gun” in our local business awards.  Instead of being really happy for him and showering him in all the kisses and ego boast that he could stand, I wanted to slap him…and spat out something along the lines of “It’s nice to be recognised for all the work you do isn’t it”.  What? Who have I become?

You see, when I meet my husband he was working as a mechanic for someone else, he had just been head hunted and was pretty well-respected.  As our relationship grew stronger and we started planning a serious future together, I ‘nudged’ him into buying a business.  We had all these great ideas and I was to run the business side of things, while he did all the labour.  This worked for us (well, it kind of worked – but that’s another story) for around 4 years before I surprisingly fell pregnant.  So I gave birth and started doing the book work from home.

Now over the years, it’s slowly turned into ‘his’ business.  Friends, Family, customers, the cats all call it ‘his’ business.  And right about now I want to stand on my soap box and tell the whole peninsula that it is in fact OUR business and it would not have even started if it wasn’t for me.

I know it all sounds so petty.  But, this stay at home mum/wife/dogs body is a complete mind…um…you know.

I feel I am officially that women….you know….the one that stands behind every great man.  And I always thought I would be that great woman that could do it without a man.