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Somerville Pub

1 Sep

Firstly, I have to say this place has the best steak!  Hubby said it last time, so this time I tried one too.  It was perfectly cooked and I recommend it.  There is also a play area for the kids, but be warned, it is full of lolly machines.

The kids menu was pretty good for a pub meal, we did have the option of Roast and Veggies.  Perfect.  We ordered this for our daughter (the other child stayed at home with her Nan).  We had a great laugh though when the meal came out with a single serve of tomatoe sauce…it was like they just couldn’t help but add a bit of junk to an otherwise healthy meal.  Vegetables and Salads are available as an alternative with the kid’s meal.  I just notices on a photo I took of the menu, that a soft drink is comes with the meal (we did not receive ours) It would be interesting to see if juice would be an option.  There is free water available at the bar.

For desert there was no Fruit Salad as an option, and when I asked if they could do one the answer was no.  I didn’t push it, as I said earlier, our sick child stayed home and there was birthday cake to be had.  Their deserts were pre-made in a fridge, you had a choice of Cake, Jelly and some cream like dish.  There is also a Ice-Cream freeze with IcyPoles etc.