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The Melbourne Show

22 Sep

This is not a post about the show, but a post about how to survive the show without going into a lifetime of credit card debt!  It’s an expensive day out, but it is also a great day with the kids…so, for us, it’s worth a saving for and making an effort for.  You can do a far bit before you go to make the most out of your day.

Being prepared is key to a long and happy day out.

Tip 1 – Take Lunch, snacks and buy dinner.
You don’t have to buy takeaway at the show, but it is part of the fun.  We found we saved a fortune by taking all our snack food, lunch and buying dinner.  It also gives you a chance to scope all the food places before you buy.  Make use of the tasting stalls in the Grand Pavillion when you are feeling peckish.  Take all your food in disposable containers…this will lighten your load through out the day and make more room for showbags

Tip 2 – Take a stroller
If you are lucky enough to have a stroller, take it.  Even if your youngest hasn’t needed it for a few months.  It’s a lot of walking for little legs…and it’s great for carrying all your stuff.  If you don’t have one, take one of those shopping bags on wheels…I’m not sure what they are called – we call them Nana trolleys – you can also hire them, and they are a good thing to have to carry your food, jackets etc in.

Tip 3 – Be Weather Wise
Raincoats are a must.  With Melbourne weather you can never be sure what sort of weather you are going to get, it may be sunny when you leave home and pouring down with rain by lunch time.  Although there is a fair bit of shelter, you don’t want to get stuck in one pavilion for too long.  Beanies are good too, they keep you warm and they take up very little room when you are not wearing them.

Tip 4 – Label your Children.
If they go missing it would be nice to have them returned.  Make a bracelet with your details on such as your mobile number, but not your child’s name.  The Lost and Found centre inside the Car Park entrance has these free of charge.

Tip 6 – Make a Showbag Rule.
Remember, all showbags are advertising.  You will most likely end up with a bunch of junk you don’t need.  Allow your kids to choose 1 lolly bag and 1 toy bag, this will stop you from spending a fortune on the bags, it’s easy to get sucked in to all the bright/happy images they have all over them, so make your rules before you get there and stick to them.   This is our limit, however Oma gives the girls some money and  they are allowed to spend that how they choose, and they also can use their own pocket-money if they want too.

Tip 7 – Pre-Sale tickets.
You can save money by getting your tickets before the show.  Check out the website for where to get your tickets from and what kind of discount you can get.  This also save lining up when you get there.

In the past we have tried to plan our day, but we find this puts too much pressure on us and the kids.  We now travel at the children pace and take out time.  This make them happier and in turn we are happier.


Earthquake in Christchurch NZ

6 Sep

If you would like to help our neighbours inNew Zealand I have found a donation point within NZ.

New Zealand Red Cross

You can make a secure Credit Card donation from there…just follow the links.

Name and Shame…or Praise

31 Aug

Tonight is a family birthday dinner.  This means a bunch of us all meet up at a local venue for dinner, more often than not they are ‘child’ friendly places.

My eldest is struggling with her lungs again, we have been lucky enough to avoid asthma, but she has a virus.  I try to avoid diary with her as it creates mucus and I ban it all together when she is coughing and not breathing well.  So…I tell her this morning that she will not be able to have Ice-Cream with her dinner, she was a little bit upset by this as we don’t usually have Ice-Cream in the house and it’s a nice treat when we are out.  In short her younger sister and I said we would support her by not having Ice-Cream either.  (And they know how much their mother adores Ice-Cream!)  Together we came up with a plan…Mummy will ask if we can have fruit salad with some chocolate sauce on top.  I know that the sauce is likely to come straight from a bottle, but I was on a good run and weighed up that tonight it’s better than Ice-Cream.

Now I’m a little stressed that we may not be able to get a healthy alternative as a treat, what if the Chef says no? I don’t remember it being on the menu last time we went.  With that in mind I have decided that I will start-up a ‘Name and Shame’ category.  We eat out on average once a week and so I can hopefully get a few places around the Peninsula and Melbourne that look after our kids.  We have been to places before where we have had to order an adults meal for the kids, just so they weren’t eating deep fried frozen foods.

I will let you know tomorrow how we go.

Snack Bar Fail

19 Aug

They didn’t work.  I think they taste ok, but the kids won’t have a bar of them 🙂 Pun intended.  I think they are pretty nice though.

I am on a mission now to make them work.  This batch was to oily from the butter, I will put in less next time and some more kid friendly seeds.

Where Did Our Logic Go?

11 Aug

Today I had a friend say she was told that you should start your baby on white bread when introducing bread to your babies diet….??  I can’t figure out how refined dried glue (Yes, I used to make glue with flour and water) somehow managed to be better for your baby than seeded, wholegrain or other kinds of breads.  My immediate reaction was to laugh….almost scoff.  (I’m embarrassed now when I think about it)  Logic suggests, to me, that white bread is going to turn to glue and clog and splutter its way through your bowels…I see seeded bread as gently scraping out your bowels whilst also given you the benefits of the nutrition seeds carry.  Diet drinks are another one, is it really better to have the drink with natural sweeteners, or the one with sweeteners made in a Lab.  There may be fewer calories in it, but it’s got to be worse for you.

Have we really become so busy that we don’t even have time to listen to our own logic?

Hello world!

11 Aug


Well, this is my attempt at blogging.  I need a space where I can archive my research, thoughts and struggles at trying to make a healthy home for my kids and trying to survive my new life as a Suburban Housewife.

One of my dear children has asthma and food additives are one of her triggers.  This has forced me to really look at what is going into her little body and what kind of boundaries I need to set to give her the best head-start that I can.  I also want to teach my children to be aware of where their food comes from, what is actually in their food and what effect it has on them and on those around us.

I thought that creating  a healthy home, and lifestyle, for her would be easy…but I was not prepared for play dates, birthday parties, other mothers, family, advertising, suburban culture and now school.  She is up against some pretty impressive looking foods and environments that are hard for little ones to resist.

I have to make no apologies for my spelling and grammar, or I would not be able to continue.  I am who I am…and a great writer is not who I am 🙂 I have avoided blogging for too long because I always thought that it was only for those with good writing (and proof reading!) skills, but I need a place to channel my thoughts.  In a way I am facing my fears with this blog, I have never been proud enough of my writing to share.  I only hope that I can make enough sense that you can understand me!

ps….wish me luck!